Diana Savostaite
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I use oil painting for creating my artwork. Through using painting as my own authentic language, I look to resonate and communicate with others. I find that painting is an ideal way of expressing myself and it’s a meditation or mental re-charging point to me. I absolutely love the painting process.

My painting process starts with a cup of coffee, preparation of space and squeezing lots of paint onto the pallet. Reviewing some relevant photographs and sketches, I visualise the picture of the artwork in my mind, and only then I am ready to paint. I love rich and deep colours, expressive and free movements of the brush. I start an artwork by drawing the main shapes, then build up layers of paint, add lots of details or wipe off the paint, and over-paint again – and so on and on… until it feels right.

My inspiration comes from observation of my surrounding, nature and from noticing my own feelings and senses. That’s why I enjoy painting both – everyday life situations and parallel sensory or spiritual reality. In my latest work I experiment with new shapes and combine them together in a various way so it creates a visual story on the wall.