Vivianna Mazuco
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Vivianna is an illustrator from Montevideo based in Barcelona. To explore, to delve into the poetics of nature itself, to get away from classical models, from an anthropocentric vision. 

Maps are continuously redrawn, roots are distorted, they are and they are not. Then they are, and find themselves in every natural geography. 

Montevideo: the origins, the blood, the primitive arts, industrial design, print, illustration. 

The silence of observation, the fine line on cotton paper, black and white.

Barcelona, Roma, London, Naples, other complimentary paths. 

Sonorous visions, imagined portraits. The psychedelic and atmospheric experience in wind and water. What mediates between what her hand doodles and her perception? Spatial experience, the surreal, the mysterious, in this ode to ctonic nature. 

The sound of a texture, the musical, the metaphorical in leaves that break horizontality. A certain liberation of the human form that nature repressed. 

An anthropocentric manifesto, her illustrations. The intelligence of consciousness when one gives in to the being. The poetry of sowing, the deep and healing of silent caves.