Judit Prieto
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Judit was born in Barcelona but works and lives in London. She started to become interested in drawing and painting during her early childhood. She graduated in interior design in 2002 and worked in this field for 11 years. She came back to painting in oil in 2009. A year later she moved to London and in 2014 completed a Foundation Diploma Course at the Hampstead School of Art with distinction. She was selected for an Art Emergent competition in her hometown Sabadell (Barcelona). She has exhibited in London and Internationally. Since May 2017 she moved to a studio in Bow, Limehouse Art Foundation building managed by ACAVA. In 2019, she became a member of East London Printmakers.

Artist Statement

Judit Prieto's artworks are part of the first and second series of Memories from Childhood developed in 2015-2017. This body of work creates a visual language. Her prints from each Series are the result of the exploration and play of different geometric shapes and primary colours. In these series, the geometric shapes are semi circles, rectangles, and triangles. Colour and form take a journey from representation towards abstraction, an open-ended journey which allows a sense of freedom and expression. This shift in the creative process is due to her increase in meditation practice in connection with nature and during her work. In her practise she uses techniques such as oil painting, printmaking, drawing and watercolour in making her art. This helps her to have a range of expressive ways to go further in her making process.